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AmScope SE304R-P-RK15 20X-40X Stereo Microscope with Rock Collection

AmScope SE304R-P-RK15 20X-40X Stereo Microscope with Rock Collection
AmScope SE304R-P-RK15 20X-40X Stereo Microscope with Rock Collection
AmScope SE304R-P-RK15 20X-40X Stereo Microscope with Rock Collection
AmScope SE304R-P-RK15 20X-40X Stereo Microscope with Rock Collection
AmScope SE304R-P-RK15 20X-40X Stereo Microscope with Rock Collection

AmScope SE304R-P-RK15 20X-40X Stereo Microscope with Rock Collection
2 levels of stereo magnification from 20X to 40X. A halogen top-light provides incident illumination for opaque objects. The compact design is perfect for students and hobbyists with limited space. The pillar stand provides more flexibility to position the microscope head, including adjusting the height. A collection of 15 geological specimens is included. See up-close detail with amazing clarity. This forward binocular stereo microscope comes with 20X and 40X magnification power settings and an illumination system that provides incident (top) lighting. The incident illumination shines down onto the object, used for the observation of three-dimensional objects. This microscope offers high resolution and good depth within a broad field of view. It gives sharp clear stereo images.

Its 45 degree inclined binocular head ensures an easy observation and rubber eyeguards provide further comfort. This microscope is useful for many applications. It can be used in geology, forestry, archaeology, agriculture, biology and is appropriate for educational purposes in hospitals and schools. It is great for the exploration of the world of surface details and fine structures of various materials like wood, metal, solder, semiconductor and stone. It is perfect for the examination of insects, plants, rocks, stamps, coins, jewel, soldered points, microelectronic components or virtually any three dimensional objects.

This scope is an ideal tool for watchmaker, jeweler, engraver, dies-maker, philatelist, coin collector, student, and etc. It comes with first-class quality and affordable price. This special package comes with a collection of 15 rock samples, including obsidian, volcano slag, gneiss, and much more! Ideal for anyone starting a mineralogy study, kids with an interest in science, or the budding hobbyist.

Includes a compartmentalized storage container and identification sheet. A Forward Stereo Microscope at an Affordable Price!

Perfect for Examination of Insects, Plants, Rocks, Stamps, Coins, Jewel, Soldered Points or Virtually any 3-D Objects. Great for Exploration of the World of Surface Details and Fine Structures. An Ideal Tool for Watchmaker, Jeweler, Engraver, Dies-Maker, Philatelist, Coin Collector, Student.. Used in Geology, Forestry, Archaeology, Agriculture, Biology and etc.

Two Magnification Power Settings: 10X & 30X. Built-in Incident (top) Light Shining Down for Examination of 3D Objects. 45 degree Inclined Binocular Head with Locked-In Eyepieces. Sharp Stereo Erect Images over a Wide Field View.

High Quality Original True Color. Accurate Alignment Ensuring a Fatigue-Free Long Time Viewing. Dual Focusing Knobs Featuring a Rack and Pinion Mechanism.

CE & GS Approval Electric Apparatus. Extra Bulb, White/Black Base Plate and Rubber Eye guards Included.

Manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard. 15 labelled & numbered mineral samples: 5 igneous rocks (formed from cooled molten lava), 5 sedimentary rocks (formed via pressure from plant and animal matter settling in a liquid body), and 5 metamorphic rocks (the other two types morphed into new rocks through heat and pressure). Head: 45 degree inclined binocular.

Interpupillary Distance: 2-3/16" - 2-15/16"(55-75mm). White/Black Plastic Objective Plate: 2-3/8 (60mm) in diameter. Incident Illumination: 12V/10W tungsten bulb. Accessories: a pair of eye-caps, a pair of clips and a dust cover. One Forward Binocular Stereo Microscope with Pillar Stand. One Boxed Collection of 15 Rock Samples. We offer 30 days from the date of receipt (verified by tracking information) to request a return on a unit. We appreciate your patience and understand everyone has a critical need for their unit, and do everything we can to ensure that these requests are handled as quickly as possible. Include your order number, reason for return, and if any pictures are required for your claim, please include them also.

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  • Brand: AmScope
  • Model: SE304R-P-RK15
  • Microscope Type: Stereo Microscope
  • MPN: SE304R-P-RK15
  • Intended Use/Discipline: Small Electronics
  • Viewer: Binocular
  • Microscope Structure: Upright
  • Magnification Range: Microscope-2 Power Settings
  • Eyepiece(s): 10X
  • Eyepiece Mounting Size: 30.5mm
  • Objectives: 2X,4X
  • Light Type: Tungsten
  • Lighting Configuration: Incident (Top)

AmScope SE304R-P-RK15 20X-40X Stereo Microscope with Rock Collection