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AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope

AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope
AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope
AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope
AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope
AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope
AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope
AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope

AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope
AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope. 10X-20X-30X-60X widefield darkfield stereo magnification settings. Built-in incident (top) and transmitted (bottom) lights. Sturdy pillar stand with metal framework. Perfect for examination of insects, plants, stamps, jewel..

This is a gem/jewelry stereo microscope with darkfield and brightfield optics. It comers with four magnification power settings, 10X-20X-30X-60X, a gem clamp, a darkfield condenser, and a versatile illumination system that offers both incident (top) lighting and transmitted (bottom) illumination.

You can choose between incident illumination shining down onto objects or transmitted illumination through the darkfield condenser. The first is used for the observation of three-dimensional objects like gemstones and the second for the inspection of diamonds. This microscope provides high resolution and good depth within a broad field of view. It offers sharp clear stereo images. Its 45 degree inclined binocular head ensures an easy observation and rubber eye-guards provide further comfort.

This microscope is great for the exploration of the world of surface details and fine structures of jewels and gemstones. The transmitted illumination through the condenser is used for the examination of inside quality of diamonds.

This scope is an ideal instrument for gemologists, jewelry dealers and collectors. It comes with affordable price. A Perfect Affordable Jewelry/Gem Stereo Microscope!

Perfect for Examination of Jewels, Gemstones, Diamonds, and Virtually any 3-D Objects. Great for Exploration of the World of Surface Details and Fine Structures. An Ideal Instrument for Jeweler, Watchmaker, Dies-Maker, Philatelist, Coin Collector. Four Magnification Power Settings: 10X-20X-30X-60X.

Built-In Both Incident (top) Lighting and Transmitted (bottom) Lighting. Incident Illumination Shining Down for Examination of 3D Objects. Transmitted Illumination Through Frosted Stage Plate for Observation of Slides. 45 degree Inclined Binocular Head with Locked-In Eyepieces. Sharp Stereo Erect Images over a Wide Field View.

High Quality Original True Color. Accurate Alignment Ensuring a Fatigue-Free Long Time Viewing. Rugged Metal Frame and Stand. CE & GS Approval Electric Apparatus.

Extra Bulb, White/Black Base Plate and Rubber Eye guards Included. Manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard. Head: 45 degree inclined binocular.

Widefield Eyepieces: WF10X and WF20X. Interpupillary Distance: 2-3/16" - 2-15/16"(55-75mm). Frosted Glass Objective Plate: 3-3/4 (95mm) in diameter. White/Black Plastic Objective Plate: 3-3/4 (95mm) in diameter. Incident Illumination: 12V/10W tungsten bulb.

Transmitted Illumination: 12V/10W halogen bulb. Power Supply: 110V (220V version available). Accessories: a pair of eye-caps, a pair of clips and a dust cover. One Binocular Microscope with 1X & 3X Objectives, Backward Pillar Stand and Top & Bottom Lights. One Pair of 10X Widefield Eyepieces.

One Pair of 20X Widefield Eyepieces. One 3-3/4 (96mm) Frosted Glass Plate. One 3-3/4 (96mm) Plastic Plate. One Wrench for Focusing Tension Adjustment. We are more than happy to help you find the right product for you or answer questions about an order you've already placed.

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Since 1998, America's doctors, researchers, educators, forensic scientists, and electronic designers have trusted AmScope to deliver high quality microscope solutions for their precision educational and research needs. Our products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality control standards, and are made by the same technicians that make much more expensive Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, and Olympus. By designing, manufacturing, and distributing our own AmScope brand microscopes and accessories, we keep products affordable while maintaining quality precision. With over 500 models in stock, we are confident that we can meet your microscope needs whether you're a hobbyist, an educator, or an advanced research institution. Our goal is to assist great minds in reaching that "Eureka" moment.

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  • Brand: AmScope
  • Microscope Type: Stereo Microscope
  • MPN: SE305-PZ-DK
  • Intended Use/Discipline: Small Electronics
  • Viewer: Binocular
  • Microscope Structure: Upright
  • Magnification Range: 4 Power Settings
  • Eyepiece(s): 10X,20X
  • Eyepiece Mounting Size: 30.5mm
  • Objectives: 1X,3X
  • Light Type: Tungsten
  • Lighting Configuration: Incident & Transmitted
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • Bundle Description: Microscope, Darkfield Condenser
  • Condenser Type: Brightfield/Dry Darkfield
  • Warranty: 5 Year Warranty

AmScope 10X-20X-30X-60X Gem Stereo Microscope